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Photo of the pool-side tiki hut at Boca Bend Marina, constructed as part of a major renovation to the community

Big things are happening at Boca Bend Marina

Big things are happening at Boca Bend Marina!  Major site improvements are nearly complete, including a new entrance, the addition of two Tiki Huts, one by the water, the other by the pool, the tennis courts have been removed, creating a large open picnic area with room for a large new pool deck.  Building renovations are coming soon!

PHOTOS FROM 6-13-2013:

waterfront tiki bar poolside tiki hut new entrance


UPDATE 8-21-2013:

IMG_4478IMG_4485 IMG_4484 IMG_4483 IMG_4482 IMG_4481 IMG_4480 IMG_4479


UPDATE 9-3-2013:


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