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PROPEL Highlighted by The Boca Raton Observer

The Boca Raton Observer recently published an article highlighting PROPEL (People Reach Out to Provide Education and Leadership) and spoke about their efforts to help under-privileged students in the Boca Raton area.  The article, highlights some of the efforts of PROPEL and how they help, with a nice mention of Jim & Marta Batmasian, co-founders of Investments Limited and co-founders of PROPEL.  Some excerpts from the article are copied and pasted below, to read the complete article, click on this link:

“Sometimes, all you need is a nudge in the right direction and you’re off.”

“This, in the simplest terms, is the philosophy behind the Boca Raton nonprofit PROPEL – an acronym for People Reaching Out to Provide Education and Leadership. Founded in 2004 by local philanthropists Jim and Marta Batmasian, PROPEL gives under-privileged, first-generation American students the support they need to start out life right.”

“What started as a program with eight to 12 students has grown to around 100 today.”

“Beyond school and language studies, students are also taught to give back to their community and are empowered to find ways to help. Francis points out that the recent We Dine Together initiative that has swept the country, with students seeking out kids eating alone at school and inviting them to join them for lunch, started at PROPEL.”

“He notes that helping young people get on the right path early can have far-reaching effects beyond the life of each student: “Our goal is to break our students’ cycle of poverty, but we also want them to be a benefit to society.” 

For more information, call 561-955-8553 or visit

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