I met Mr. Batmasian at HOME charity. He walked into the clothing room, where I was fitting homeless people, preparing them for job interviews. I asked him if he needed clothes and he politely declined and walked away. I was quickly informed that Mr. B was not homeless; he was a successful business man and tireless volunteer. Although it sounds silly to mention, I believe it depicts his humble nature. He engages and interacts with others in an authentic way that makes people feel accepted. Mr. Batmasian is not arrogant; he is a gentleman with an empathetic heart. He takes the time to listen and remembers specific details. As a strategic thinker, he formulates an individualized plan for each person based upon their circumstances and guides them through the complexities of life to meet their goal of self-sufficiency.

Marta & Jim leverage their real estate to bless the community. They have been actively involved in transforming the lives of countless people for decades. By improving the landscape of Boca Raton, increasing property values, promoting tourism, and providing jobs and resources, they are aspirational leaders. They exhibit a servants’ heart – which keeps them tirelessly committed to progress in business and philanthropy. They could be relaxing, or retired but remain driven to causes near & dear to their heart. It is common for media to taint a negative twist to highly successful people. Yet, when I witness these leaders in action, quietly and diligently serving the most vulnerable, I hold a high level of respect and admiration for them.