Mr. James Batmasian is probably the most kind and caring person I have ever met. Not only is he a great business man but he is also a great philanthropist. James has helped me further my education as well as excel as an entrepreneur and has taught me many things about business, finance and real estate.

For a person with such status, Mr. Batmasian does not care how much money you have or do not have, or how smart you are. If you cross his path, and he likes you, he lends a helping hand, gives a kind word of encouragement and wishes the best for you.

As busy as he must be running his real estate empire, he is a very humble human being who takes time to listen to others and gives a sincere effort to push them forward. He has helped me financially with tuition + coached and mentored me. I am certain that I will be very successful in the future due to his impact on my life. I will follow his example of leadership by passing my knowledge and blessings forward to others who need it.