I have known Marta and Jim Batmasian for nearly 30 years, and know them as well as my own family. Marta served on the board of Boca Pops orchestra when I was Chairman where I learned of her many involvements in Boca charities and organizations. She is one of the most ethical and extraordinary women in the nation dedicating herself to many good causes locally nationally and internationally. I have never known a woman capable of doing as much as she does balancing business, family and community endeavors.

I met Jim when he was going on the streets of Boca Raton helping the homeless. Every Sunday, he would meet with many homeless people in parks, behind restaurants or elsewhere helping them with many different type resources including jobs and assistance of all kinds. I am personally aware that he has helped hundreds of people or families, and neither Jim or Marta make it known what they do because they do it from their heart and not for public awareness or recognition. They do much more than give money, they provide leadership and direction. Jim Batmasian along with Marta started PROPEL where Jim would go into the minority community aiding young men and women seeking a better opportunity in life. Today that organization has changed many lives and provided college educations to many who had little or no chance for a future except for Propel and the Batmasians’ direction and financial support. I could go on and on about these exceptional people, however there are few people in the nation that do so much to help others. I am honored to write this letter on behalf of two of the finest and most dedicated people I have known in a lifetime.