I was in a devastating car accident by a driver in a semi- truck who was texting & driving which led to addiction and downward spiral. I met Mr. Batmasian at 1st United Methodist Church where he approached me with a sincere compassion and kindness, which led me to become a believer in Christ. I look forward to attending weekly church services and hearing God’s promises in the scriptures. Mr. B doesn’t always follow the rules of the Homeless Program. Nope. He showers strangers, the homeless people, with abundant grace and mercy. Not just me but hundreds of people have been blessed with free bus passes, bikes, restaurant gift cards, clothes, dollar tree cards and shelter. He has a special gift of mercy. He does this because he realizes that the needs are immediate and well- intentioned programs take time. Being homeless brings a shame feeling that often plagues people into a pattern of self- destructive behavior because they don’t see hope. The HOME program and kindness from the volunteers has given me hope.

Recently, a staff member from Investments Limited took me to purchase car-detailing equipment to start my business. Jim has arranged for me to offer the service to his employees. No one has ever shown love to me like this man. Mr. B. gave me my dignity back. I feel like a human— a man— a productive citizen by earning a living. I am grateful to Christ for bringing Jim, Investments Limited volunteers, the HOME Program, and First United Methodist Church into my life.