Originally, I met Jim Batmasian at church. Week after week, I witnessed him consistently helping the most vulnerable of our society, listening to their story, showing compassion and offering practical solutions for recovery and a path to restoration. Soon after, we played golf together and I observed Jim putting the same passion and intensity in the game of golf as he exhibits in business and philanthropy. Mr. B. gives his very best at all that he does! As a small business owner, I approached IL to lease space. It was an easy decision since their real estate portfolio offers a variety of sizes to fit every budget. Soon after I became a tenant, “doors of opportunity” opened because of the amazing marketing and tenant networking platform that they have built which jump- started my business. A few years ago, I became in need, due to a serious health condition. Jim & Marta provided unrequested generosity & care which led to my recovery. Without their support, I would not be back to living a productive and blessed life. They truly care about their tenants, employees, vendors and even strangers. I am forever grateful.