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October 3, 2018 was a magnificent morning at Tri-County Animal Rescue for the groundbreaking and capital campaign kickoff for the expansion of their campus on Boca Rio Road in Boca Raton!

The long-awaited vision of expanding the Tri-County Animal Rescue facilities to continue the mission of protecting and preparing pets for adoption is finally coming to realization.  Marta Batmasian, as a founder and long-time Tri-County Animal Rescue supporter, enthusiastically kicked off the campaign with a $100,000 donation. They are currently building a new clinic that will open in January 2019 and will rebuild a new, two-story residence hall where the animals will be.

Tri-County Animal Rescue is a 100% No-Kill, 501(c)3, nonprofit animal shelter working to prevent the killing of over 170,000 unwanted pets in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties each year. For anyone who is not sure what a “No-Kill Shelter” is, a true no-kill shelter must never kill an animal, except for a humane reason, such as to end pain and suffering, and it must never allow the transfer of an animal from their shelter to another facility that does euthanize animals for reasons other than the humane ones mentioned before. To be a true no-kill shelter, the shelter must meet both criteria. Tri-County Animal Rescue meets both criteria!  Since its inception in 1996, they have saved over 55,000 domestic animals from being euthanized, placing them in homes through their adoption center. They also work with organizations, businesses, and the local school district to educate the community on animal awareness.

Tri-County Animal Rescue has aided in over 150+ rescues ranging from natural disasters (hurricanes such as Katrina and Joaquin, tornadoes in Oklahoma) and from man-made disasters (illegal hoarders and puppy mills). They are emergency rescue partners with Animal Rescue Corps, and the Humane Society of the United States.  One of Marta Batmasian’s employees actually adopted a dog rescued from Hurricane Katrina.  Had it not been for the loving care and excellent medical treatment he received at Tri-County Animal Rescue, that little boy (named Brandy) would never have survived!

Tri-County Animal Rescue is not funded locally or federally, and relies solely on private donations to keep the shelter doors open. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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